…how to get our music:

The vinyl version of our last release Microcosmic EP is available from 30th of january 2017 on.

Microcosmic Remix Compilation will be released one week later, 6th of february 2017.

Our EP Space Fever is availlable as a limited high quality 180g vinyl edition in the following onlineshops:



We provide unlimited streams of a wide variety of digital downloads on the following websites:



Thank you for your support!

Or buy our vinyl release Space Fever EP at our local record dealers in Berlin, the following shops are selling it:

HHV (Grünberger Str. 54)
O-Ton (Krossener Str. 8)
Tricky Tunes (Mainzer Str. 8)
Power Park (Boxhagener Str. 19)

fashion killers (Wrangelstr. 48)
180 g (Köpenicker Str. 10)
Heisse Scheiben (Ohlauer Str. 44)


 Psychedelic Orchestra – Microcosmic EP

 Psychedelic Orchestra – Space Fever EP

 Psychedelic Orchestra – The Drift (Giotto Remix)

Psychedelic Orchestra – Seelübbe Dub – live

Psychedelic Orchestra – My Will – Kemot (Blue Hill Dub Remix)

Psychedelic Orchestra – Sitar Jam (live @ Wokule 2011)

Psychedelic Orchestra – Sun

Psychedelic Orchestra – Promo CD 2010-2012